Volare -- "I will fly"

Costa Rica
Recovery Retreat

San Rafael de Santa Cruz, Turrialba

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Volare is your luxurious option for plastic surgery recovery

Where and how you spend the post operative days will make all the difference in the long term success of your procedure, and will determine how long your recovery will take. This decision is as important as selecting the right surgeon. Volare Surgery Recovery is designed for discerning individuals needing comfort and privacy, and for business executives who need to continue managing their businesses while recovering from surgery.

  • Volare Medical Tourism Recovery Facility - approach showing house and hot tub on separate tower with suspension bridge access

    Volare, with hot tub accessed by suspension bridge. Surgery Recovery Facility with Benefits!

  • Breakfast on the deck of Volare, with morning clouds starting to lift from below

    Breakfast on deck at Volare - above the morning clouds. Meals planned around your type of surgery.

  • Volare Plastic Surgery Recuperation Retreat - breakfast on deck, above the clouds

    View of Volare and Turrialba valley

  • Volare bedroom caters to all services available from your bed - TV, computer, telephone

    If you want to read, watch TV, talk on phone, work at your computer from your bed...

  • Volare's hot tub is perched on a tower overlooking turrilaba Valley

    Tub fills with fresh water for each use (no chlorinated water). Even better after dark!

  • Massage on your private balcony overlooking Turrialba Valley, villages, rainforest, coffee and sugar cane fields

    Massage on your private balcony overlooking villages, rainforest, coffee and sugar cane


Our facility is completely private and dedicated to only one person - you -- your comfort and recovery. We provide every service and luxury you can think of as you contemplate your surgery. We also provide things you hadn't even considered that you'll need during your recovery.

Our guests have chosen Costa Rica for cosmetic or orthopedic surgery. For everyone we have luxurious options, like soft bed sheets, perfect temperatures, fresh air. For orthopedic patients we have special equipment to help minimize stress on lower limbs. relieving pain. The big bath tub works well to alleviate gravity's oppression, even for very tall people.

Call us toll free (888) 415-2454 to discuss options for your surgery and recovery. It may be the most honest conversation you'll have about what to expect.